Monday, 31 May 2010

Three Bags Full

Since I last posted, I have spent a week away working in Northern Italy, near Milan. While I was there, our topsoil was delivered, three cubic metres of it, and it was quite lucky my car was parked at Heathrow Airport as it would not have got onto the drive.

The first task when I got back was to begin barrowing the topsoil to the new raised bed. This took about three days, what with having to go to work some of the time. I moved two bagfuls and Braveheart moved most of the last bag - we still have a bit left, which is being used to top up other flower beds elsewhere in the garden. Then the bed was raked smooth and level.

I planted a row of shallots which had been waiting for some space, and we sowed some more broad beans, onion sets, carrots and the last of the seed potatoes.

A neighbouring cat then thought it had found the largest litter tray in the world, so we have had to put netting over it for a few weeks while the seeds germinate and the plants get established.

Job done!

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MysteryKnitter said...

Poor cat!
You've done such a great work.