Monday, 31 May 2010

Strawberries for Tea

Over the last few weeks, our strawberry plants have come into flower. I had been a bit anxious that there were not enough bees visiting them, but that soon changed, and today we realised that the flowers were more or less finished and there were loads of strawberries starting to ripen!

We'd read up on what to do and had already bought some straw from Pets At Home, so Braveheart got a wheelbarrow full and began laying the straw under the plants.

We found an old fence panel behind the shed, and removed some timber from that to make stakes, and then fastened fruit netting to the stakes using a nail in each one. Now we just have to wait for the fruit to ripen.

The rest of the vegetables are coming on well, too:

I've moved on to one of the flower beds for now, which was already planted up but had got rather overgrown.