Sunday, 11 March 2012

First Shoots

Guided by the plan I posted in January, I started sowing seeds indoors in February. Here are tomatoes on the left and peppers and chillies on the right, a few days ago:

Yesterday I potted up the tomatoes as they had all grown their first true leaves:

At the back are courgettes and spaghetti squashes, which grow so fast you can almost see them! At the front, Salvia Superba.

I've also sown Pumpkin and Butternut Squashes - the first pumpkin seedling was sighted before lunch today - and French Marigolds.

Outside we have started clearing up, and sowed onion and shallot sets in one of the raised beds and the first salad leaves under a mini polytunnel we got for Christmas. There is already a change to the plan, though, as the broccoli are clearly not going to be finished in time to plant the early potatoes, so after crisis discussions we have decided to try the earlies in big potato planters and see how that goes.

At the end of last year I cut all the lavender flowers from our lavender hedge and hung them in bunches in the shed to dry. This month I bought lots of organza bags from eBay and filled them with the dried flowers to make lavender bags. I've done 24 so far and still have three bunches to harvest, which will make another 12 or so bags. Here's some I prepared earlier:

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