Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Roses in June

I do love my roses. This year the roses have flowered late, like many shrubs, so now, at the end of June, they are at their best. When we first moved here, there was a climbing  rose already in one of the flower beds, which I have been gradually training into a fan shape:

The flowers are a deep rose colour with a paler pink centre. I don't know what variety this rose is, but it's very lovely.
I also moved in with a climbing rose in a pot which DS had given me for my birthday one year. This rose is called Handel, and it has pale pink petals with a darker rose edging. Also beautiful.

Then there is this rose, my absolute most favourite rose of all. It is a bush rose called Rosa Mundi and is a very old variety. The flowers are variegated in shades of pink and salmon and white, and it is covered with blooms in June every year.

 Braveheart gave me this rose for my birthday, along with two others which are in the front garden.

This one, which is called Golden something (not literally, I mean I can't remember the second part of its name), and is a lovely bronze apricot colour.

And this purple one, Rhapsody in Blue, does look blue when the flowers first open.

And finally, this rose, which is called Tequila Sunrise, which we bought together in our firs summer here, and which has the most lovely flowers in deep yellow, hot orange and a burnt red.

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