Sunday, 12 May 2013

Apple Blossom

A few weeks ago the Braeburn apple tree burst into flower, followed a week or so later by the other two apple trees. This is the first year they have had significant amounts of blossom, and if all the flowers were to be pollinated the branches would probably break off under the weight of the apples. This week there has been strong wind and rain, so yesterday I was looking gloomily out of the window at apple blossom petals blowing across the garden. But today has been sunnier and warmer, and I saw two bees on the blossom, so I am really hoping to get a few apples this year.

The trees look beautiful, I love the colours of apple blossom.


The first early potatoes are growing well now, we had to put cloches over them and fleece them up for a week or so at the end of April, as there were a few sharp frosts.

These tulips on the patio were a birthday gift from DS last October.

I have also finished knitting this doily, which I started in November I think, with an idea of it being finished by Christmas. I'm really pleased with it and can see it on my festive table this year and for years to come.

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MysteryKnitter said...

Your garden is awesome.