Saturday, 13 September 2008

Summer Catch-Up - the Graduate

What with all the moving, there are lots of things which I did over the summer, including some knitting and crochet, which I have not had time to write about. Here is the first of a few catch-up posts to bring the blog up to date.
On July 14th I set out early from Ratbert's house, where I had been staying, to drive to DSoK's University and attend his graduation ceremony. I arrived in plenty of time and was able to have a cup of coffee and a muffin while I was waiting for DSoK to get his robes. His girlfriend was graduating at the same University on the same day - but in the afternoon, rather than the morning, so she joined us until it was time to go in to the ceremony and then went off to get her own robes.

Here's another photo of DSoK all poshed up

and with his proud Mum (note I am wearing the floral crochet shrug)

and his lovely girlfriend Ruby

The ceremony was in a huuuuge theatre, and there was a choir and a quartet playing. After a while the officers of the University filed in, and my were they colourful!

Afterwards DSoK had a nice certificate. I did try to get a photo of him receiving it, but it was a long way off and he was moving fast, so it came out too blurred to show. Here he is with it afterwards though:

Fans of Mr Knitbert may like to see this cameo appearance

DSoK borrowed the camera after lunch, as I wanted to get home after my early start, and took this nice photo of him and Ruby both in their robes after she had graduated too. All in all a lovely day!


Aknita said...

What lovely photos Carol and what a special day it must have been.

You look lovely :-)

It doesn't seem five minuts since my son graduted, and it's four years ago!

MysteryKnitter said...

Lovely pictures!