Saturday, 28 March 2015

Garden In Bloom

Since my last post we have had some very Spring-like weather, and the daffodils, narcissi and hyacinths have burst into bloom.

The Tete a tete narcissi that I planted a few weeks ago are looking great!

There are more of them in the flower beds - and some primroses, too.

Daffodils and hyacinths side by side - the hyacinths smell divine.

White hyacinths and aubretia just coming into flower

I had a lovely day in London last week with Kino. We went to Somerset house and wandered round looking at some of the exhibitions, then had lunch at the cafe. For the price I might have expected a three course meal but in fact we had ciabatta with posh fillings and hand made lemonade, which was very nice indeed.

After a murky start, the sun came out and we sat outside in the huge courtyard of Somerset House.

I rather liked these strange creatures

I walked back to the station over Waterloo Bridge, from which there was a fabulous view.

And here is the blanket again. I am now on round 9, the last diamond round. I think it's looking great. I am loving the colours.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Retreat to Yorkshire

I spent this last weekend at  Kettlewell, in Yorkshire, with a group of 11 friends who share my interests in knitting, crochet and sewing. We did do some of these things but also spent a lot of time chatting, eating excellent food (I have to have the recipe for lemon pickle and spicy garlic pickle) and even doing some walking.
We stayed in a huge house which can sleep up to 23 people and which had two cookers, two fridges and two dishwashers (we sure did need those dishwashers). The dining room was massive and we were all able to sit and eat around the enormous table.

On Saturday morning I persuaded several people to come walking with me and we walked along the river which runs through Kettlewell and across to Starbotton then back along the ridge on the other side.

A stream looking like a Green Man

Bridge over the river
The village of Kettlewell

On Sunday morning I went for a wander around the village of Kettlewell, which has a river running through it, and its tiny stone church and churchyard.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Early Spring

The spring garden is at the front of the house, and starts a display of bulbs in January, with snowdrops

 ahead of daffodils and narcissi, followed by a carpet of bluebells in April and May. At this time of year it is very exciting to see the daffodil buds coming through.

The roses are also getting started, and some brave hellebores are already in flower.

Indoors, I am working on a crochet blanket. This is a Tunisian crochet project, called Starburst Entrelac Afghan, and it is crocheted from the centre out in diamond shapes. I'm going for an autumn leaves palette which I'm rather pleased with.

At the weekend, following advice from Alan Titchmarsh on Classic FM, I bought some bargain pots of Narcissus Tete a Tete and planted them up on a pot on the patio. I already have quite a few pots of bulbs here and I think they will make a good show in a few weeks!

Monday, 3 February 2014


I'm at home at the moment, recovering from an operation on 10th January. I have been recovering well and my energy is starting to return now, but I still have a few more weeks off work to go.
While I have been resting I have managed to knit and crochet, and I have finished the crochet blanket I was working on last year.

And I've also finished a hoody, with a stripe pattern that I based on a number of other sweaters I have seen around this winter.

As part of my recuperation, I am aiming to go for a walk most days (weather permitting, which has not often been the case these last few weeks!). Yesterday Braveheart and I went out to walk along the Wey Navigation to see how water levels had been affected by the rainfall.
The footpath to the weir was quite wet, and the "lake" that you can see to the left is usually a field with horses in it.

The water on the path was not too deep, so with a bit of care we managed to get through it.

The weir race was higher and faster than I have ever seen it

The water level was high, but the towpath was not flooded and we managed to make our way along it to the road.

It was pretty muddy though!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bright November Morning

Woke up to a heavy frost, but the sun is burning it off, now. All the blinds are open to let in as much sun as possible and warm the house up!

I'm on square no 53 of my Crochet Sampler Blanket:

That's out of 64 squares required, so phase one is nearly complete! I am now starting to think about the logistics of blocking 64 squares...

Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Roses in June

I do love my roses. This year the roses have flowered late, like many shrubs, so now, at the end of June, they are at their best. When we first moved here, there was a climbing  rose already in one of the flower beds, which I have been gradually training into a fan shape:

The flowers are a deep rose colour with a paler pink centre. I don't know what variety this rose is, but it's very lovely.
I also moved in with a climbing rose in a pot which DS had given me for my birthday one year. This rose is called Handel, and it has pale pink petals with a darker rose edging. Also beautiful.

Then there is this rose, my absolute most favourite rose of all. It is a bush rose called Rosa Mundi and is a very old variety. The flowers are variegated in shades of pink and salmon and white, and it is covered with blooms in June every year.

 Braveheart gave me this rose for my birthday, along with two others which are in the front garden.

This one, which is called Golden something (not literally, I mean I can't remember the second part of its name), and is a lovely bronze apricot colour.

And this purple one, Rhapsody in Blue, does look blue when the flowers first open.

And finally, this rose, which is called Tequila Sunrise, which we bought together in our firs summer here, and which has the most lovely flowers in deep yellow, hot orange and a burnt red.