Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Moving Day

The day dawned....well, snowy and cold, basically. We had already had a panic in case the sellers couldn't move out, a few days earlier, when the snow first started, and the day before the move we weren't certain that we would be able to get the hired van, as it was quite icy and the hire company were nervous about letting it out. We convinced them that as we were only taking it a short distance, it would be OK.

There were six of us moving stuff, with some help from a kind neighbour when the sofa had to be got through the patio doors into the snow without actually ending up in the snow. We did five vanloads and four carloads and it took from 8.00 am to 7 pm. When we had finished there was a filing cabinet outside in the snow which we couldn't fit in anywhere, and the house was entirely filled with boxes.

We were exhausted and cold but entirely relieved that it was all over. Now we could begin the long job of sorting out where everything was going to go!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

A White Christmas

Well hello there, and a Happy New Year to all. I spent Christmas in Scotland this year, and it was a beautiful white, cold, wintry time. The header photo was taken on Christmas Eve, and the river is partly frozen.

We had a huge family Christmas with Braveheart's family, with thirteen of us around the table. After Christmas we had some lovely restful days just sitting and chatting or walking the dog before flying home.

Once we were home we had to start packing, because next week we are moving, which is very exciting. After two solid days of packing the house is a tip with boxes everywhere. My spinning wheel is buried somewhere behind these boxes. Oh well, it will all be worthwhile!